About Us

Our customers, guides, and vast network of colleagues are like family to us, so when you join the tour, you join the family.

We’re always working to ensure that our customers feel a sense of warmth and familiarity with us as their guides.

Last year, the whole world came to a screeching halt as the Covid-19 pandemic started spreading. People were confined to their homes, and it’s not surprising that being home-bound for a year made many of us reevaluate what matters to us the most, and what makes us truly happy and content.

Of course, one adverse side effect of the pandemic was the lack of job security. Companies and organizations went under, and millions lost their jobs. Unfortunately, I was just one among those millions. I lost my job as an Adventure Guide, a Padi Divemaster, Surfing Guide, and SUP Guide (if that doesn’t tell you about my skills, what will?)

But I didn’t let it deter me for too long! While others mourned the loss of lifelong jobs, my wife and I decided to pursue a path that I had been dreaming of for years. We threw ourselves headfirst into planning, strategizing, ideating, and conceptualizing our very own business. Throughout 2020, we focused on creating the perfect Northern Lights Tour, one that would set us apart from our competition, but also imbued the feeling of quality, coziness, and intimacy that we often found lacking in other Tours.

I believe that while other businesses in the industry are bent on giving only 70% of their efforts to their customers, I am determined to give 150% to every single person who chooses to take a Tour with us.

An Experience You Will Never Forget

When someone chooses Aurora Experts for a Northern Lights Tour, they’re choosing to buy into an experience of a lifetime. Just seeing the Northern Lights isn’t what makes it magical; the people you’re with, the quality of the company, the nature of your guides, all these things combine to create an enchanting experience that can’t easily be forgotten.

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