Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Aurora Experts, we do everything in our power to make your tour a truly memorable experience. Here are some questions we often receive, and if you have additional ones, we will be more than happy to answer them as well!

What does the tour include?

  • Pick up from the capital, Reykjavík
  • Professional guides who are knowledgeable about the Northern Lights
  • Beautiful and candid photos from the tour
  • Unlimited retries in case a sighting is not possible
  • Winter overalls for those who need them
  • Fresh meals (including soup, bread, hot cocoa, Brennivín (Icelandic shnaps) and other drinks) 
  • Tripods for your camera
  • Warm pads

How many types of tours do we offer?

We offer two types of tours here at Aurora Experts; the first is the Northern Lights Hunting tour, where a group of a maximum of 7 persons can go on a tour to view the Lights. The second is a Private Northern Lights tour which is completely customizable. 

What are the pickup timings for those joining from Reykjavík?

We can pick anyone joining the tour from Reykjavík up for free during these times: 
  • 1 September to 30 September: 8.30 pm to 9.00 pm – Tour starts
  • 1 October to 15. March: 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm – Tour starts
  • 16 March to 15 April: 8.30 pm to 9.00 pm – Tour starts
Pick up starts 30 minutes before tour departure and you are requested to be ready and visible in time at your pick up location. For more information on pick up locations refer to our pick up location page.

What if we cancel a tour because of the weather?

If we cancel a tour because of the weather, you can either reschedule the tour with no extra payment, or you can choose to receive a 100% refund. Please read our full Terms & Conditions for our tours here. 

What is our Small Group Guarantee?

Every single tour by the Aurora Experts comes with a Small Group Guarantee, which assures you that there will not be over 7 persons included on the tour, excluding the tour guide. The guide-to-guest ratio must always be kept at 1:7, and we allow only 2 vehicles per tour. This guarantee helps us create a truly personalized and memorable touring experience for our guests!

How long is the tour?

Each tour typically takes 4 hours from pick up to drop off. We offer free pick up for anyone coming from central Reykjavík as well! 

How do we ensure viewing of the Lights?

It is never guaranteed that the Lights will be visible, our expert team does its best to increase your chances of seeing the lights. Since hunting for the Northern Lights is all about the weather, our team uses highly detailed forecasts to come up with the best tour dates. We also select secluded locations where there is no air pollution to hinder your viewing of the Lights. 

What if you aren’t able to see the Northern Lights during your tour?

Witnessing a natural phenomenon like the Northern Lights can be a life-changing experience, but it is not one that is always guaranteed. If, despite our best efforts, some unforeseen circumstance renders viewing the Lights impossible, we offer free reruns. However, the availability of these re-runs will depend on the tours that are currently scheduled. We do not offer refunds, whether partial or full, for tours where a sighting was not possible. 

How can I book a tour with Aurora Experts?

To book your tour, click here. If you have further questions and would like to speak to a customer service representative, click here. Our team is always happy to address your concerns! 

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