Terms and Conditions




Aurora Experts is a subsidiary of Stormur Travel Ehf. The following Terms & Conditions apply when customers (hereinafter referred to as “The Customer”) book tours with Stormur Travel Ehf. (hereinafter referred to as “Aurora Experts”).


Aurora Experts is an Icelandic tour operator offering guided northern lights tours from Reykjavik. Our products and associated services are available through purchase on our website www.auroraexperts.is and any other authorized resellers affiliated to Aurora Experts.


Aurora Experts reserves the right to alter routes, itineraries or timetables without prior notice, should the necessity arise. Aurora Experts is not responsible for losses in the event of Force Majeure, such as natural catastrophes, strikes, weather, war or other causes outside of the control of Aurora Experts. Such losses and expenses are the personal liability of the traveler. We advise all customers to have travel insurance, as they travel on their own responsibility on tours.


Non-sightings on tour:


The Northern Lights are a natural phenomenon and as such,  displays or their magnitude, can never be guaranteed.

We base our Go/No Go decision on cloud cover and geomagnetic forecasts and only go out when forecasts show a high chance of visible Northern Lights. Low-level lights count as sightings. If we do not see Northern Lights on your tour, you are eligible for a free re-run any time for a period of up to two years from the date of the original tour. Number of free re-runs is not limited. You may be required to present your original ticket/voucher via email upon request of your free re-run. Free re-run right is non-transferable to a third party. A free re-run tour is subject to availability, i.e. there must be available seats when you notify us via email that you would like to book a re-run and there must be a tour scheduled. In this case you must notify us by email at: info@auroraexperts.is. Re-booking is on a first come, first served basis. Under no circumstances will there be a refund, in full or partial, for a Non-sightings tour.


For a sighting we need three things to come together: solar wind, darkness and a clear sky. Overall, on any given night during dark hours in Iceland, our chances are about 50%. We maximise our sighting chance by going out only when auroral activity and cloud cover forecasts are favourable. We reserve the right to cancel the tour as late as 6.30 pm due to weather not being favourable. We make honest, transparent decisions and e-mail all our guests at 6.30 pm latest to confirm whether the tour is on or off.


Product Delivery:


As a customer, you agree to comply with and are legally bound to our Terms and Conditions. It is your personal responsibility to read our Terms and Conditions and inform all the parties of your group about them before joining our tours. The customer(s) will receive a booking confirmation and a receipt for the purchase of our tour(s). Customer(s) are required to present their confirmation receipt on an electronic device or print out when boarding our mini buses. The customers will also receive a booking number that is required in order to change or cancel a booking.


It is the customers’ responsibility to contact our Customer Support team at info@auroraexperts.is regarding the details of their booking(s) – the number of passengers, contact details, pickup time and location. Should the customers fail to contact the Customer Support team in due time, Aurora Experts will not accept any liability for losses or mistakes.


Departures and Pick up:


The pickup time and location are indicated on the voucher provided by our Customer Support team. Any information regarding pick up time and location provided by any of our resellers need to be confirmed with our team at least 24 hours prior to the tour by email at info@auroraexperts.is.


It is the customers’ responsibility to arrive at the designated pickup location at the exact time indicated on the voucher. Should the customers fail to comply with these conditions, Aurora Experts reserves the right to cancel the booking. Aurora Experts might in single cases grant a free rescheduling or re-booking to the customer, in those cases no refund, be it full or partial, will be issued.


On board and during the tour:


The Icelandic law requires each passenger to fasten their seatbelts while on board. Not complying with the law can lead to expulsion from the bus. Booster car seats for children are available upon request at info@auroraexperts.is.


Iceland is known for its ever-changing weather. It is the customers’ responsibility to check the forecasts prior to the tour and dress accordingly. We always recommend wearing warm, sturdy, wind and waterproof clothes during the tours.. All our tours include short walks from the bus to the viewpoints/points of interest. Aurora Experts provides optional winter overall and warm pads on location for every passenger on tour.


No liability is accepted for losses, theft or expenses that should occur on a tour. Such losses and expenses are the personal liability of the traveler. We advise all customers to have travel insurance, as they travel at their own responsibility on tours and transfers.


Travelling with young children:


We reserve the right to restrict children under the age of 8 from joining our northern lights tours, restrictions apply for tours sold on our website (www.auroraexperts.is) and through partners. Our policy on age restrictions is outlined on these tours due to their unsuitability for young children.


Cancellation right / right to return and refund:


For rescheduling, re-booking and canceling please contact us via e-mail info@auroraexperts.is and include your booking number.


In case of a cancellation of any tour by Aurora Experts (due to unfavorable weather conditions, technical difficulties or else independent conditions out of our control), you will be offered to either:


Reschedule to another date of your choice (free of charge and provided there is availability)

A full refund


All cancellations from customers should be notified via email to info@auroraexperts.is at least 24 hours prior to pickup time.


For cancellations requested by a customer and received with more than 24-hour notice, a full refund is given.


For  cancellations requested by a customer and received with less than 24-hour notice or if the customers are a “no-show”, no refund will be provided and the tour will be charged at full price.


As a customer of Aurora Experts product, it is your responsibility to acquire personal health and travel insurance. Iceland is known for its ever changing weather and unforeseen cancellations due to weather can occur with very short notice. This section of our Terms and Conditions aims at presenting cases, making it clear whether customers are entitled to a refund or not.


Sickness/death in the family:


In the instance that a  sends an email overnight and asks to cancel because they or someone at home got sick or due to a death in the family –  The customer will be required to provide a doctor’s note/new plane tickets to support their claim.


– In the case a note or new plane ticket is submitted, a full refund will be provided.

– In the case no note or new plane ticket is submitted, no refund will be provided.


Guests who are unable or unwilling to finish the tour due to their own personal decision or due to unforeseen circumstances such as sickness will be considered as a late cancellation and as such will not be automatically entitled to any refund either in part or in full. Based on availability we may offer the guest to reschedule but this decision is made entirely at the discretion of Aurora Experts and will be taken on a case-by-case basis.


Price and Payment:


Please note that prices online can change without notice. The relevant price for a tour booked through our website(s) is always the one displayed to you during checkout when you enter your name and contact details. All tours and activities must be fully paid before boarding the bus to guarantee your seat. No payment on the bus will be accepted. If your booking requires further payment, it will be processed over the phone by our Customer Support team via credit card details or at our office. Should the due payment be missing, we reserve the right to cancel your booking. Your credit card information as well as your personal contact details are confidential and shall not be shared with any third party without your consent.


Travel insurance:


As with any and all world travel, we strongly recommend that you purchase a travel insurance policy before travelling – preferably one that covers your cost should you have to cancel your travel reservation with short notice. It is your responsibility to take out comprehensive travel insurance that covers all eventualities including force majeure, flight cancellations and other disruptions to your travel.


Reviews and feedback:


Aurora Experts welcomes all feedback in order to improve our overall services and performance. We would greatly appreciate it if you could share your tour experience with us.