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The Best Viewing

Are you looking for an intimate, small-group tour of the magnificent Northern Lights? Welcome to Aurora Experts – we have got you covered! 
The northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis, are a stunning manifestation of nature’s beauty. The lights result from collisions between the sun’s rays and the particles of the North Pole’s upper atmosphere, and they are visible in Iceland from August through April. During this time, people from all around the world visit Iceland, hoping to glimpse the green and pink lights dancing in the sky. Due to the demand, most Northern Lights tours are over-packed and you lose some of the magic in the experience. A small group tour like ours can provide a better and much more fulfilling experience! 
Our Guided Small-Group Tour Guarantees the Best Viewing Experience of the Northern Lights
The Northern Lights can sometimes be seen from the capital city of Reykjavik, but because of the city’s light pollution, this viewing does not do them justice. The weather can also keep the lights from being visible sometimes, so our expert team carefully researches the best viewing times for the lights before every tour. 
We schedule each unique tour in a strategic location and during the best weather conditions. Our expert Northern Lights Team also works with your tour guide to give you all the information there is to know about the aurora borealis so that you can learn something new during your time with us as well!

What Sets Us Apart?

At Aurora Experts we specialize in small group tours and guarantee a much more cozy experience. Most Northern Lights tour groups offer 18 to 52 seats for each tour, which can make the guide-to-guest ratio 1:18. Our tours have a guest-to-guide ratio of 1:7, which means we don’t allow over 7 people per tour. This means that you could book a trip with your friends and family while maintaining your privacy throughout the trip.

Another way we guarantee coziness is by choosing our locations strategically – we never tour in crowded areas where many other expeditions are happening; our expert team chooses the most serene, calm locations and spots for viewing the Northern Lights. We also offer many additional perks on the tour, such as freshly made hot soup, hot cocoa, and artisan bread. If you need extra winter clothing or overalls or forgot to bring your tripod to take pictures of the Lights, we offer these for free as well!

What does the tour include?

Pick up from the capital, Reykjavík

Professional guides who are knowledgeable about the Northern Lights

Beautiful and candid photos from the tour

Unlimited retries in case a sighting is not possible

Winter overalls for those who need them

Fresh meals (including soup, bread, hot cocoa, Brennivín (Icelandic shnaps) and other drinks) 

Tripods for your camera

Warm pads

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Aurora Experts, we do everything in our power to make your tour a truly memorable experience. Here are some questions we often receive, and if you have additional ones, we will be more than happy to answer them as well!

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